Trò chơi bắn cáCook County Animal and Rabies Control offers a number of services for the veterinarians and animal hospitals of Cook County.

  • Annual Rabies Tag Sales and Returns - sales of 1 or 3-year rabies tags are done each year through this program. We also coordinate the return and credit for unused tags.
  • Rabies Certificate Submission - either through paper certificate or through our new electronic ACE Paperless certificate program, all rabies certificates must be submitted to our offices, per County Ordinance.
  • Annual Spay and Neuter Program - each year, we offer clinics/hospitals a reimbursement for all spay/netuering performed in the month of February.
  • - if your clinic/hospital is interested in providing services during disaster events, please link to ourto submit your information.
  • Veterinary Reporting System - this service allows veterinarians to voluntarily report disease processes for communicable and zooOperanotic diseases.